Center for Jungian Studies

Introduction to Analytical Psychology Details 




·      Seminar style 90-minute presentations on the fundamental tenets of analytical psychology

·      People may participate in person or online


Tentative Schedule:

* Week One: Jung, Freud and the History of Psychoanalysis

* Week Two: The Persona and the Complex

* Week Three: The Shadow

* Week Four: The Syzygy (The Divine Other)

* Week Five: The Self

* Week Six: The Dream (The Purposeful Psyche)

* Week Seven: The Mythopoeic Psyche (Active Imagination, Fairy Tale, and Story)

* Week Eight: Jung and Alchemy

* Week Nine: Jung and the East Part I (Buddhism and the Western Psyche)

* Week Ten: Jung and the East Part II (The Zen Koan and and the Dream)

* Week Eleven: Jung and the East Part III (Enlightenment and Individuation)

* Week Twelve: Analyst, Analysand, and Analysis (Transference and Individuation)

* Week Thirteen: Synchronicity (The Psychology of Time)

* Week Fourteen: Seminar Conclusion - Review and Synthesis




·      $420.00 ($30.00 per session).  Participants must commit to the entire 14 weeks.  A minimum of six participants for the seminar is necessary with a maximum of eight to allow for greater sharing and receiving.  Once a group is formed, we will decide on the best day/time to meet.


Please contact me for if interested in participating.